Club Governance

Gloucester Rowing Club is proud to be a CASC registered club and strives to develop the highest standards of club governance that we can. We're also entirely a volunteer run organisation which means that we are run by members for members.

The current role holders are as follows:


Beth Rodford



James Wasdell


Sue Jones


Ted Whichelo


Sean Hackett

Committee Members

Clive Pendry

Rupert Charley

Paul Maddinson

Robert Dibley

Toby Ratcliffe

The period of office starts and terminates with the closing of the Club's AGM (usually held in early September). The Club President and Vice President(s) hold their roles for 3 years. Additionally, there are a number of appointed roles which are confirmed on an annual basis by the new committee and are described here (when the page exists).

The club incorporated in February 2020 although it continues to be known as Gloucester Rowing Club it is governed by its articles of association and rules.