Competitor Information (Regatta 2023)

Access to the Regatta Site

Vehicle access to the site is via David Hook Way off the A430 bypass. The car boot sale has restarted on Sunday, and so please allow extra time to get through if arriving early in the morning.  

Car and Trailer Parking

At the far end of David Hook Way, you will be met by a GRC member in high-viz gear who will direct you to parking. Only trailers may park within the regatta site, towing vehicles will be parked as directed, other vehicles will need to be parked on the field. There is no charge for parking, but please consider buying a program to help contribute to club funds. In the event that the field is not available for parking (e.g because of flooding) we will direct you to alternative parking a short walk from the club.  


Please register as soon as possible after you arrive. The registration will be in a tent adjacent to the apron in front of the boathouse.

First Aid

A First Aid station is available, should you need it and will be placed prominently near the landing stage - please ensure you know where it is as you pass through the site to register.


We will be serving our usual extensive range of delicacies for your sustenance, including burgers, wraps, pasta salads and cakes - plus our offering of drinks, including a bar. Bring your own cup along for a discount on selected drinks.

Cash or card, both are welcome. For more details and prices wander along to the kitchen.

Camping and Accommodation

Camping is available on the field immediately next to the club.  See linked document below.  There is no fee for camping, however you must contact the team beforehand as we need to know whether anyone will be there, in order to ensure there is access to the toilets / showers, and also need to arrange access to the site via the gates.

Regatta results

Results will be available live on the day, on the Easy Regatta website.

Regatta parking and camping.pdf