Boat booking

As ever there will never be more boats than crews wanting to us them and, of course, certain times are the most popular for crews to want to boat. The rowing club has built a tradition of sharing and negotiating the use of boats in such a way that everyone gets much of what they need, most of the time. There are some basic rules though which must be observed:

  • The boating times, on and off the water must be adhered to. There will be sanctions for infringements.
  • Any coach, vice-captain or senior member may prebook unallocated boats and launches.
  • Booking should be by email to the Captain who will confirm the arrangement.
  • Booking, per boat, maximum 6 days in advance, for maximum of two sessions.
  • All boats and trailers, must be booked for competitions. This means that coaches or vice-captains need not only to arrange crews, but also plan boat availability and trailer space

Status board

The Red, Amber, Green (RAG) board will show you a boat's status. Green is good to go, amber means the boat has a defect (or ten) and red is the boat is unusable. Login to view the current boat status board.