Spring 2018 Maintenance day

Thank you to everyone who helped on Saturday 17th March 2018 at the GRC's Spring 2018 Maintenance Day. It might have been cold, wet, and windy but we managed to complete an enormous number of tasks including moving and fixing boats, building storage and new racking, measuring blades, general cleaning, and lots and lots of eating!

Maintenance and repair day

Many thanks for all your efforts to make the Maintenance & Repair day a success!
A special thank you to Bill and Will for showing us how to do minor repairs and for all those willing to learn.
Also to Sue JJ who tireless kept us fuelled with food and drink and Kate who bought the supplies :)

We achieved a lot!
The boat bays, erg room, club room and kitchen are looking super clean and tidy, the new sculling blades have all been sanded and painted with undercoat, the following boats have been given a deep clean and small repairs attended to: