Maintenance and repair day

Many thanks for all your efforts to make the Maintenance & Repair day a success!
A special thank you to Bill and Will for showing us how to do minor repairs and for all those willing to learn.
Also to Sue JJ who tireless kept us fuelled with food and drink and Kate who bought the supplies :)

We achieved a lot!
The boat bays, erg room, club room and kitchen are looking super clean and tidy, the new sculling blades have all been sanded and painted with undercoat, the following boats have been given a deep clean and small repairs attended to:

  • Flo
  • 061
  • Harriet - still do not use as we are waiting for the wood replacement to go under the runners
  • Sally
  • Quadro
  • Arachno
  • Mina
  • Natasha
  • Double Gloucester - please don't use as we are querying how the fin has been fixed during refurb
  • Tina
  • Javelin
  • Black Widow

There are still quite a few boats that we weren't able to cover today so I'll look to arranging another occasion to attend to some more of the fleet.
However if your crew is regularly using one of the boats that hasn't had the TCL dished out today then feel free to set aside some time to do that yourselves and log the results on this form:

Please remember to carefully check boats as you go on and come off the water and inspect the hulls for damage.
Please log damages in the Facebook Group:

Remember the 3 R's of Boat Damage: Reduce, Report, Repair
If you have any feedback about how the Maintenance and Repair day can be improved for next time please feel free to drop me an email.

Many thanks - Gerry

Also just to add further info on progress made to boat storage at the new boathouse. We had another 15 strong contingent supporting, for which we are now about 70% through the job.
Many thanks to the guys who spent around 25 collective hours again this weekend cutting, fettling and assembling scaffolding.
See some of the motley crew below: