2019 Summer Regatta

Our 2019 regatta will take place on Saturday 24th August (Masters and Juniors) and Sunday 25th August (Open Regatta and Primary events)

Our draw and results are published on EasyRegatta and can be accessed already.

The draws for both days are also available as PDF attachments below.

Saturday Masters And Juniors : Race Order Race Trees
Sunday Open Regatta : Race Order Race Trees

Modifed versions of the draw for Saturday have also been attached to aid with comprehension of the changes we have had to make to accommodate scratches. These include replacing the two events W.MasC/D.2- and W.MasE/F.2- with a single W.MasD/F.2- as only one crew from each of the former remained, and reordering the Op.J18.2x to ensure fair racing.

You will also find below this years poster and all the safety documents.

Please continue to use BROE2 to make substitutions and scratches where necessary.
(Now that both draws are complete, the system is now open for substitutions, and each will remain open until the morning of the event, approximately 30 minutes before racing.)

In addition this year, on the Saturday, we are very pleased to be able to welcome an Atlantic Solo Rower, Martyn Thornton, who will be undertaking this arduous challenge in 2020.
Martyn will have a stand at the regatta including information about the challenges to overcome in rowing across the Atlantic, the equipment he will be using and much more, so if any of your rowers are interested in taking up an even greater challenge, pop along to the stand and say hello. You can find out more on his website : https://www.atlanticsolo.co.uk/