Coxing and steering

  1. From the moment the boat leaves the rack until it is returned, YOU ARE THE EYES AND EARS OF THE CREW. The crew's safety, your own safety and the safety of other water users depends on YOU.
  2. Unless the Coach expressly takes control of the situation, the cox or steersman is responsible for the handling of the boat at all times.
  3. Commands must be clear and unambiguous. In addition to time on the water, the cox or steersman should give all instructions re the safe handling of the boat out of and back into the boathouse.
  4. Cox's clothing:
    • All coxes must wear life jackets during all outings. Lifejackets to be correctly secured.
    • Special lifejackets are needed for the Front Loader.
    • Clothing must be suitable; several thin layers are warmer. Wellington and other styles of boot must not be worn - they may obstruct leaving the boat after capsize and prevent swimming.
    • Do not wear hoods as they obstruct vision and interfere with hearing. A woollen hat is best.
  5. Equipment that is Quarantined must not be used.
  6. Before boating, all members of the crew should make a check on equipment at their rowing position. The cox or steersman should confirm that the rudder is functional, and that the cox box is operational. If the boat or any equipment is faulty, the fault should be rectified before the outing.
  7. The boat must be booked out - Stroke's responsibility.
  8. Always boat with the Bow to the right ie towards Gloucester. Before pushing off, check that it is clear and safe to do so. Boats should ideally turn between the landing stage and Hempstead Bridge to prevent accidents and congestion in this busy location. If this is not possible due to other craft or fishermen being present carry on through Hempstead Bridge and turn there.
  9. The 'Rule of the River' is KEEP TO THE RIGHT. Boats must keep as close as reasonably possible to the starboard bank, with their port (ie strokeside) blades to the right side of centre of the canal.
  10. In order to maintain a clear view ahead, the cox should look toward and past the bows on both port and starboard sides are regular intervals