2019 Autumn Head

The Gloucester Rowing Club Autumn Head took place on Sunday October 27th, on the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal.

*** UPDATE : 29-10-2019 17:35 ***

Fixed links below ...

Afternoon Short Course results now updated to reflect last minute change of WJ14.2x

Morning Long Course Results

Morning short course results

Afternoon Short Course Results

Afternoon Long Course Results


The live results page is on http://rowresults.co.uk/gah19

Currently it looks like the field normally used for parking will be too wet to use, so we will only be allowing the following to use the car park next to the new boathouse (off David Hook Way)

  • Trailers and towing vehicles
  • Cars carrying boats
  • Deliveries of equipment etc - to be removed after delivery
  • Anyone with serious mobility issues - however please note that you may find it is easier to drop somebody off at Hempsted Bridge, where they can walk down the nicely resurfaced towpath to the boathouse, and then look for parking nearby.

We have an agreement to use the car park at ProTyre, and there is on-street public parking on Empire Way and surrounding roads. Please park considerately and legally ! The map below carefully edited by our in-house artists shows the location of ProTyre and Empire Way.

map showing alternative parking locations

For those using SatNav we recommend using the road names - so "Empire Way junction with Bristol Road" for example. For the new boathouse, if you are delivering a trailer, use "David Hook Way", as the postcode covers an area of about a square mile, and so is of little use.

There are now usable toilets in the new boathouse, in the changing rooms upstairs. However the showers in there are currently not functioning due to a leak. There are two showers for emergency use (e.g. post capsize) in the downstairs of the new boathouse.
There are also mobile toilets outside the new boathouse.
Please do NOT use the toilets on the car boot site.

There is a lift to the upstairs for use by anyone who needs it, this can be accessed through the side door. There are also accessible toilets through this door.

Registration will be found inside the upstairs of the new boathouse.
Please collect your race numbers here, and also inform us of any changes - even if you have updated BROE, it helps if we are informed too.

The updated draw with boating times is now attached below, and the original draw is still there too. Please make sure you check your boating times - they are in large blocks to allow some flexibility, but please do not hang back, as you may find yourself missing your slot.

Attached also are the safety documents and official poster for the event.

Any questions regarding entry, please send to entries@gloucester-rowing.org

Robert Dibley
Events Secretary
Gloucester Rowing Club