2018 Autumn Head

Sunday 28th October 2018

The results are in and attached below.

Long course: 5000m, Short course: 1750m
Entry fees are £10 per seat.

Results files :

New Morning Short Results
New Morning Long Results
New Afternoon Short Results
New Afternoon Long Results

Plus a bonus set requested by various people - a full set of all divisions in time order

The changes (compared to the on-the-day results) included in the above files are as follows:
1. Fixed an oddity with Masters handicaps in one race which gave a crew the wrong time, and as a result swapped 2nd and 3rd
2. Fixed a missing time for a WJ15.1x who has now moved to 1st place.

I have a list of medals not given out on the day and these will be sent out to their clubs in the next week.