Junior training

On the water

  • Crews must be within sight of or close to a coach at all
  • Coaches must help to boat and recover crews to avoid
    damage to equipment.
  • Crews should row on the correct side as much as possible.


  • Respect other canal users, do not speed, travel with your
  • Never speed past the dry dock at A & D Marine, water
    slops into their dry dock and we do not want to risk our good
    relationship with them.
  • If there is a rowing boat catching the launch from behind,
    please slow and let them past; rowing in wash is no fun.


  • Do not change the settings on blades or boats. If you want
    to discuss rigging issues then contact the GRC Junior coordinator.
  • Boats must be cleaned and washed as per the care of
    equipment note. Boats need to be wiped down to remove marks as well as
    hosed. Hatch covers should be taken out.
  • Boats must be put on the racks in the right position
  • The quads have tape near strokes rigger showing where the
    boat sits on the rack at the door end of the boathouse.
  • Singles in the lean to should have bows towards the centre
    of the building, and be sitting on the shoulders near the feet.
  • The single under the 8s should have bows towards the door,
    sitting on the shoulders on the rack towards the back of the boathouse
  • The doubles all have bows pointing towards the centre of
    the boathouse, bow and strokes riggers go either side of the uprights
    for the 4s racks.
  • All boats must be signed in and out (noting the name of
    the boat used) and any damage recorded in the book.

There are 70 Juniors at Gloucester as well as the Ladies
College rowers, we all need to look after the equipment.